Discreet Lobby


The client partnered with Groovy to transform his idea to a well working website and mobile apps. Groovy did the end-to-end solution for DiscreetLobby and get an outstanding results at the end.




208 Days




The client was looking for a full featured solution for his idea to be developed in very low budget and time. Client struggled to find a company that can work under his budget and promise to deliver an outstanding result. DiscreetLobby is different than the others and offers many complex features such as in app and website Video and audio calls, sneak peek, group calls and chat.

Core Features

Enhancing App Experience

Video Chat

Video Chat

Just as other social apps we are allowing users to make a video call.

Audio Chat

Audio Chat

Just as other social apps we are allowing users to make an audio call.

Shoot your Shot

Shoot your Shot

Shoot your shot allows the user to send the direct message to the other user without matching. User doesn’t need to wait if he uses this feature to directly chat with other ruser.

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek has functionality like the user can see the photo only 1 time after that sneak peek will disappear(delete) & maximum second we can set in sneek to view is 120 second. Apart from that when the user sends the Sneak Peek we don’t allow the user to take a screenshot .

Other Features

Real time Chat

Real time chat same other provider like instagram, whatsapp etc

Group Chat

It can be of the Individual & couple account or Couple to Couple account where they can chat & send sneak pee

Set Your Fantasies

User can select their fantasies & based on that we will bring your matches

Host Trip & Party

Users can host the trip where other people join them . This can be cruise/ travel or any other Trip. Apart from this other user who is joining the trip they can post their activities like Post, Share location & upload photos other users can like & make comments on that. Same goes for the party apart from this Host can featured their Trip/ Party

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It is very rare to find a team that dedicatedly works towards achieving the goal within the timeline without any compromise in the quality. The team leaders were very understanding with good communication skills. They managed the project so well and made the entire transaction smooth for me and my team. I would recommend Groovy Web as they are really are the go-to team for any kind of digital solution requirement.

Nick L.

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