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As one of the most reputed React Native App Development Companies, we can help you create best-in-class cross-platform mobile applications using the excellent attributes of the PHP framework.  We are skilled at developing high-quality cross-platform programs that incorporate native features and functions with speed, precision, and quality. Please take advantage of our top-of-the-line React Native mobile app development services to stay ahead of the competition and enjoy speedy cross-platform mobile application development. That is rich in modern technology, scalability & performance.


Groovy Web provides React Native app consultancy and development, and an in-house React Native app development team to ensure a fast time to market.

MVP Development

We react native app development services would allow you to improve your product through iteration. We make sure that you take benefit of client feedback.

Migration & Improvement of Applications

Do you want to make great React Native apps out of your existing projects? Being the top react native mobile app development company, we convert traditional applications to React Native using the most up-to-date capabilities.

Complete Product Development Package

We provide complete React Native development services to start-ups, corporations, and entrepreneurs, from design to development to maintenance.

Custom Hybrid Apps Development

We develop cross-platform mobile applications that let businesses contact many customers globally while minimizing response times.

Maintenance & Support

Groovy Web has a track record of providing on-time React native support and services to guarantee that apps run smoothly.

You will be surprised to know the efforts and cost for your React Native

Use this calculator to estimate the required efforts from discovery to delivery of your product and based on that, plan your finances, marketing campaigns, product launch, and product upscaling activities.

Benefits of React Native Development

The cross-platform capabilities of the React Native mobile app development platform are the most significant and most evident benefit: It's possible to deploy a mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms using a single codebase, which saves time, resources, and money. Mobile app development is lightning quick, and deployment is lightning fast, thanks to a modular structure and Live Reload capabilities. We have consistently met the client's expectations using web technologies (Node.js, Vue.js, Angular.js, React.js, HTML/CSS), machine codes, and application programming interfaces in the desktop application development process.

Incredible Community Support

Due to its more immense community support, React Native could make its space and become famous.

Live Reload

By seeing the immediate effect of the changes made, developers can save hours.

High Performance

Compared to other hybrid technologies, React Native has superb performance due to its GPU usage.

Pre-developed Components

Using open-source pre-developed components make the development faster and better

Simplified UI

Developers can use the UI of their choice and can have the same UI for both IOS and Android

Modular Architecture

With the modular structure, developers can freely work independently on modules to speed up the development

Easy to Customize

React Native apps are easier and faster to customize due to their architecture

Easy to Find Developers

It's easy to find experts for a technology that is popular among developers and clients.

Fastest way to Market

Comparing to Native, React Native allows to save time and cost by 40-50%

Code Reusability and Cost Effective

React Native uses a single code base to deliver both Android and iOS mobile applications, which is a substantial cost-saving factor.

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React Native Development Company

Groovy Web is a React Native mobile app development company specializing in integrating cognitive services into react native apps to transform how businesses engage with their consumers and employees. Our react native mobile app developers can construct custom react native apps and install them on our platform using the framework that best suits your business needs. The following are the advantages of employing specialists from our react native app development services firm:


React Native Expertise

Groovy has invested immensely in React Native team expansion and has a well-established team of React Native experts.

Cost Effective Partners

Groovy provides cost-effective solutions, which makes us the partner of your choice.

Agile Development & On-Time Delivery

Our modern Agile approach to project management allows us to deliver on time with quality.

Easy and Regular Communication

We use the communication channel that our client prefers, making it easy for our clients to communicate.

Free Post development Support

Our clients can focus on marketing as we hold their back by providing free and best post-development support.

Starts at $18/H

Our hourly rates for dedicated resources start at $18 / Hour, which are the most competitive in the market.

Industries We Have Worked With

As an award-winning mobile app development company, We handcraft full-stack app development solutions to clients worldwide. We deliver only the best mobile apps from various sectors like eCommerce, IT, Sports, Healthcare, Fitness, Education, etc. We have a creative design team to make your mobile app look more appealing to your end-users. We use advanced technologies and follow modern trends to build a great mobile app that meets your expectations. Groovy web is recognized as a top-rated app development company and a top custom software development company on reputed platforms like Clutch, GoodFirms, DesignRush, and Business of Apps.

Who Uses React Native ?

Languages & Frameworks




JavaScript, TypeScript, EcmaScript



React Navigation, React Native Navigation



Lodash, Underscore, Moment.js



Redux Thunk, Redux Saga, Redux Observable



Fetch, Axios, Contentful, Apollo, GraphQL



Jest, Enzyme, Chai, Mocha, Detox, Appium

App State





Redux Forms







AWS, GCM, Digital Ocean



Chef, Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes

Pub/Sub Messaging


Sockets, gRPC, Firebase Realtime



MySQL, Mongo, SQLite, Fire store



Apache, Nginx, Serverless, Firebase Functions

Crash Reporting


Bug Snag

Instant Updates


App Center

Our Picks from
React Native Development Projects
Discreet Lobby

Discreet Lobby

Get instant access to local like-minded couples & individuals, lifestyle parties, travel groups, and cruises near you, or all over the world! We brand and distinguish ourselves from other apps by offering unique value with the following features:

Technology Stack

React Native PHP Web Yii2 WordPress
Fan Rating Football Fantasy App

Fan Rating Football Fantasy App

Fan Rating - The Fan's Home, The first App in the world that rewards football fans for their opinions! Fan Rating values ​​the opinion of all the Fans that downloaded the App are participating in the annual contest in which - by voting for their favorite players at each match - they earn points for every vote that comes close to the vote of the average expressed by all of the fans (Fan Winner) and by our experts ( Pro Winner), the algorithm then calculates the winner of the Amazon Voucher worth € 15!

Technology Stack

React Native MySQL Firebase Codeigniter
MyDiabetes Connect

MyDiabetes Connect

My DiabetesConnect, helping you take control of Diabetes.Diabetes is all about trends, how can you see trends if you don’t have a way to store your data? So we are proud to introduce the worlds first complete Diabetes care app, My DiabetesConnect(Diabetes is not just about blood glucose). With My DiabetesConnect all your Diabetes data will be at your fingertips and your doctor will be able to make more informed decisions to improve your overall Diabetes care.

Technology Stack

React Native Firebase
ePhone Booking

ePhone Booking

ePhoneBooking is an instant substitution of telephone booking. With ePhoneBooking shop and businesses can get appointments on their phone and can easily manage their schedule.

Technology Stack

React Native ReactJS Firebase


FilesDNA is a paper-to-pixel system, which helps organizations to smoothly transit from papers to digital documents. Managing documents and getting signatures got so easy with FilesDNA.

Technology Stack

React Native Sails JS Node JS MySQL Firebase
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Frequently Asked Questions

We hope these clear your doubts, but if you still have any questions, then feel free to write us on hello@groovyweb.co

Create native apps for Android and iOS using React - React Native combines the best parts of native app development with React, a best-in-class JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

Starting from $5K, Yes! That's true; App development begins with the lowest at $18/ Hour with Groovy. The cost of building any app depends on different factors such as app complexity, UI/UX designs, feature set, etc. So, It's necessary to work on the scope document to get an accurate cost for your app development.

When you choose Groovy as a development partner, You save 40-50% in the total development costs compared to Native App development. We assure you save maximum with us as we have been a solid team of experts and dedicated React Native.

If you want to save time and cost in future updates, you should choose React Native now. Tech giants like Wix, Skype, Tesla already migrated to React Native successfully. https://reactnative.dev/showcase

It takes minutes to push new changes to the app! Yes, You heard right. With technology like Code push by Microsoft, you can push your updates in minutes, and it takes seconds for a user to update the app without any hassle.

Many tech giants back React Native and have migrated to it, making it clear that React Native has grabbed its place and is future-proof. Also, With React Native, you can save 40-50% cost and time, making it easy for you to choose React Native.

There are many benefits for you, here are some best - Saving cost and time - Single team to manage the app - Fast app updates - Quick bug fixes and app updates - Easy to update in the future - CI / CD setup with App Center

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