Our Career Building Values

We lead our team to a definite excellence and long-lasting success

Knowledge knows no limits

At Groovy we always inspire our team members to keep up with the trend, learn new technologies, tools, earn credentials, attend seminars, webinars, coaching, and other ways from which they can learn and outgrow themselves

Your Achievement will never go Unnoticed

We value our teams' efforts on every grounds to make Groovy Web one of the most trusted and easily approachable service provider for every customers with a dream to building their own product. We will never miss an opportunity to admire and honor your efforts.

At Groovy, We only Strive for Excellence

We have a very open, friendly, and helping culture at Groovy. We are all a family here and all we care for is our cumulative growth. We strongly support and promote excelllent work quality, moral ethics, and also, fun and interactive ambiance.

Got an Idea? We are all ears for you

We admire and welcome new ideas or thoughts for upscaling Groovy Web with wide arms and open mindset when brought at the table. We will have an open and detailed discussion with the entire team on how it can bring a positive change and will implement it after collective consideration.

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Our Approach is Very Simple

We want everyone to love what they do here and how they do it and for that we facilitate them with enough resources. We take this saying very seriously: "Love your work and you will never work a day"
Our Approach is Very Simple 1
Our Approach is Very Simple 2
Our Approach is Very Simple 3
Our Approach is Very Simple 4
Our Approach is Very Simple 5
Our Approach is Very Simple 6

Why Groovy is a Right Place for you?

Our Founders have also been an employee in their life and they strongly feel that a Team's happiness, satisfaction, and appreciation is directly proportional to the exponential growth of the Company

5 Days Per Week

We believe that employees give enough input and generate equal output within 5 days of a week and there is no need to make it more inconvenient. Also, our team members are very sensible towards crucial situation and understand the need of the moment and compensate work accordingly.

We give offers that one cannot refuse

We understand the need of everyone and along with that we highly consider the market trends in regards to Salary Structure. We take all that into account and offer the best-possible Salaries to our employees and prospective candidates.

Pleasant HR Policies

Based on our employees' and company's best interest, we designed our HR policies, and implementing them gave us the desired output. For more details read the FAQ on Join Our Team page or reach us on career@groovyweb.co

Guaranteed Personal and Professional Growth

As much as we want to grow in the market, it is also essential that our team grows with us and therefore, we support activities that can help our team grow. Just like that, to stand out from the crowd, we implemented many niche technologies and tools suggested by our team members.

Transparent and Friendly Work Culture

At Groovy, views either related to any work or company's internal policies of each and everyone are taken into account. We strongly believe that all of us are leaders who are leading their department and the company using their valuable experience, skills, or knowledge.

Be a Part of Teams that are Ever-Ready for any Challenges

Our team members have years of experience and skills, but more importantly a passion to see the work reach its successful conclusion. We plan to deliver what we promised in time. Also, everyone are given an opportunity to be in direct communication with the clients and team leaders to avoid communication gaps.

Fun Events, Festival Celebrations, and Outings

From the photos and videos on this page, it's quite apparent that Groovy Web is not always about work. After a lot of hardwork and efforts, a retreat from the work-life is highly needed to keep up the morale and energy of the team members. So, we plan once-a-year sabaticcal trip, quarterly and annual events, games, sports, interactive sessions, birthday celebrations, festivities, etc.

We reward Out-of-the-box approaches

We honor and appreciate the good performance given by anyone that can inspire others to step out of their comfort zone, beat challenges, and achieve something great like delivery before the deadline, robust development and errorless deployments, learning new technologies, badges, certificates, winning competitions, etc.

Why Groovy is a Right Place for you? 1 Why Groovy is a Right Place for you? 2
Why Groovy is a Right Place for you? 3
Why Groovy is a Right Place for you? 4 Why Groovy is a Right Place for you? 5
Why Groovy is a Right Place for you? 6
Why Groovy is a Right Place for you? 7 Why Groovy is a Right Place for you? 8
Why Groovy is a Right Place for you? 9
Why Groovy is a Right Place for you? 10 Why Groovy is a Right Place for you? 11
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