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GoodFirms Considers Groovy Web As A Reliable Digital Solutions Partner

Quick Summary : Groovy Web marked its valued presence in the software market and captured a vast percentage successfully. Read the company's success story in the words of Krunal Panchal, the CEO of Groovy Web.

Groovy Web marked its valued presence in the software market and captured a vast percentage successfully. Read the company’s success story in the words of Krunal Panchal, the CEO of Groovy Web.

Krunal Panchal

Groovy Web is a renowned IT service company offering exceptional digital solutions, including SMM (Social Media Marketing), Web app development, digital marketing, mobile app development, and software development.

Groovy web possesses talented & skilled developers who work diligently to provide perfect digital solutions. The company was founded in 2015 with headquarters in Nadiad, Gujarat, India, and other offices in Brisbane, Australia & Berlin, Germany. The team has grown to 80+ compared to previous years, and they all share the same vision “Develop in Budget & Deliver on time.”

The company’s facts & figures

  • 500+Project Delivered
  • 250+Happy Clients 
  • 99+Client Satisfaction Rate
  • 50% Recurring Clients
  • 150% Average Company Growth
  • 5/5 Ratings On Clutch. Co
  • 60+ In-House Talent
Groovy Web IA - Review 1

The GoodFirms team interviewed Krunal Panchal, the CEO at Groovy Web, to learn more about the company and its ethical values.

Krunal stated that as a CEO, he handles technical architecture and other related technologies and frameworks that create required solutions for client’s businesses. Krunal innovatively focuses on the firm’s ultimate growth to take the organization to the next level. Besides, he spent considerable time coding each day. In addition, he said coding is my passion.

He mentioned the story behind launching Groovy Web. After gaining professional experience in the tech industry, he decided to start his firm, which helps businesses by providing excellent customized mobile app solutions worldwide. He created an expert team and motivated them to deliver top-notch IT solutions for their clients.

He talked about the business model, an in-house team that manages the complete development process. The company’s professionals are highly experienced in consultation, design, prototyping, development, quality testing, deployment, support, Digital Marketing, brand building, etc.

He added that the teams focus on client satisfaction and deliver the project on time. They cater to provide an exceptional experience during working on the project by keeping them updated on the progress of product development. The team is trustworthy in developing robust & reliable solutions and helps achieve the goals & objectives set by clients.

The team’s ultimate attention to clients’ requirements comprehends innovative ideas and creative approaches to deliver excellent results.

Besides, Groovy Web maintains the work-life balance for its team members by not excessively putting the workload on them. They believe the quality of productivity is maintained through consistency & coordination.

Krunal shared three principles.

  1. Creativity
  2. Integrity
  3. Empathy
Groovy Web IA - Review 2#1
Groovy Web IA - Review 2#3 (1)
Groovy Web IA - Review 2#2 (2)

Krunal said Groovy Web’s mission is to provide its clients with an outstanding experience with an unconditional support system while working together on the project. The company’s dedicated team serves each client with quality & reliable solutions. They ensure clients get satisfied with their work and return to them for future projects. The relationship between the client & team shares a solid bond by exchanging their business values with each other. 

Krunal mentioned that the company works with various industries, including healthcare app development and fitness, social networking, education, marketplace, oil & gas, and aviation. When asked about the retention ratio, he added that 70% of clients hire them for product launches and repeat the service for product improvement & modification purposes. The rest refer to Groovy Web services to their colleagues and use word of mouth in their professional friends’ circles.

Krunal also shared that the team utilizes cutting-edge technologies, including

  • React Native
  • Flutter
  • Android App Development
  • iOS
  • FRONT End
  • React.Js
  • Angular
  • Angular.JS
  • Vue Js
  • Backbone JS
  • TypeScript
  • Framework/CMS
  • Yii2
  • Sails JS
  • Next JS
  • Laravel
  • CakePHP
  • CodeIgniter
  • Node JS
  • PHP
  • Electron.JS

When asked about customer satisfaction & the approach by the team to maintain it, Krunal said the client’s satisfaction rate is 100% which is evident through the excellent reviews Groovy Web has received for its services. The company always comprehends improving the services and keeps the satisfaction level higher each year. 

The team’s approach is flexible to acquire clients’ businesses to perform well. Also, the group follows agile practices, including transport communication, proper planning & management, understanding the feedback, and creating a reasonable budget according to the client’s requirements.

Groovy Web Review

Thus, the team enables their clients to gain more profit and helps them build a successful brand, with a passionate & professional approach endowing Groovy Web to be among Brisbane’s top app development companies in GoodFirms listings.

Krunal mentioned the client’s support system, which is an integral part of the business success for every company size. The client’s happiness drives the team to perform better. At Groovy Web, the allocated team communicates transparently with eternal questions and answers to their client’s queries.

The company organizes regular sessions to update clients on the project’s progress. The clients can check & monitor the progress on their devices and review accordingly. Taking their feedback allows the team to enhance the development.

Krunal also said the clients get full access to the dedicated tools for tracking the progress of the development process. In addition, clients can reach out directly to any team members of the specific project without the manager’s involvement. If the issue is more significant, the team member forwards the client’s query to the managers.

After the delivery of the product, Groovy Web’s team is always available for their clients for any technical errors or bugs in the system.

Krunal has revealed on payment structure; he said the company offers three types of payment models for their clients, which are:

  • Fixed Cost Model (Payments Divided by Milestones) 
  • Dedicated Resource(s) Model
  • Time and Material Model
Groovy Web IA - Review 3

Further, he talked about the budget scenario, clients’ requirements, and budget conflicts. However, the dedicated team resolves the issues related to finance by using their professional skills & knowledge to provide the best deal to clients.

Groovy Web produced its products worth between 5000 to 10,000 USD in 2021. The designated department thoroughly analyzes the project’s complexities, feature requirements, and functional requirements to create the budget accordingly for clients. If the client demands to modify the budget, the team is open to discussing the deal.

Krunal shared the next ten year’s plan of Groovy Web; passionately, the company is looking forward to growing bigger and better in the coming years by adding more professional & experienced individuals to the team to deliver profitable products for clients.

In concluding the interview with Krunal, he added that Groovy Web prioritizes business values and principles. The company is consistently working on extending the team’s size, customized services, and specific industries, and the advanced technology-based production would provide more wings to Groovy Web!

Hence, through the excerpt from Krunal Panchal’s interview, one can also read the detailed interview he shared with GoodFirms.

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