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Telemedicine app will allow Doctors and Patients to communicate while examining their medical history and medical tests and values collected through remote monitoring. Our robust and customised healthcare solutions are created by industry experts with extensive healthcare experience who understand the importance of information security and strictly adhere to HIPAA compliant methods.

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Telemedicine solution

for your healthcare practice


Add private notes to team members and provide the patient's medical history to the bot. Using the rating & review form, collect feedback from customers. Using push notifications, email & SMS, send appointment reminders, care plan reviews, & more directly to your patients by means of your medical consultation software

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Solutions offered by telemedicine app

We develop an Innovative Telemedicine app solution based on Machine Learning, Deep Learning, NLP, and WebRTC technologies. This solution helps maintain a relationship among the patients, doctors, laboratories that can later share information flawlessly.

Face to face meetings needed

During Pandemic physical attendence is difficult and dangerous for the patients.

Limited Accessibility

Patients in remote areas have limited access to medical care and they end up traveling a long distance for primary medical care.

Uncomfortable Appointment Process

Longer waiting hours, unavailability of doctors, and large queues sometimes worsens the situation.

Monitoring and Follow-ups

It is a complicated process for the doctors to monitor and follow up a large group of patients simultaneously.

Complexity in data management

Records stored physically eats up a lot of space and creates management-related other problems.

Limited access

Limited access to the patient's data and information makes monitoring task difficult.


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Our Telemedicine App Development Services

Leverage our wide range of professional services that can help you launch a successful telemedicine app.

App Consulting Services

You can easily validate your big business ideas and requirements with our experts to proceed with a successful telehealth app development. From in-depth market analysis to proof-of-concept, you get a wide range of consultation services.

  • Free Market Analysis
  • Technology Consultation
  • Code Review
  • Architecture Re-engineering
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Groovy is good company multiple clients all over the world and had beautiful work culture.

Sanjay doby

Group Chief Executive Officer
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All it took was Good Leadership and Team Efforts..!

Krunal Panchal

CEO and Technical Leader 12+ years of experience in building end-to-end solutions

I am a hardcore programmer from the age of 11 and started my professional career very young. My technical and logical mind drove me to choose coding as my destiny. Thankfully, at an initial stage, I got essential corporate experience, the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. Learning something new is a never-ending process for me. I have been leading Groovy Web to become an established organization that serves every industry from startups to enterprises regardless of any limitations.

If I'm going to tell SUCCESS story, I'm going to start with MY TEAM.


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How telemedicine

Can benefits your practice

  • Easy access - Those living in remote areas have easy access to specialist care
  • All-time medical availability - Medical care is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for those in need
  • Helpful in emergencies - Medical helps is readily available in emergencies and natural disasters
  • Direct communication - There are no communication gaps between health centers that offer specialized services and consultations
  • Cost-Effective - Treatment costs for healthcare services have been reduced
  • Better management of records - Efficient medical record management and secure access to clinical data
  • Monitoring becomes easy - Patient management and monitoring are unified, with follow-up consultations
  • Ease in tracking and updates - Capabilities to update prescriptions online and track chronic disease patients


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Groovy Web LLP has created a seamless app successfully and they delivered outstanding products at outstanding prices without compromises in quality. We are delighted with the features added to the app, which is available on App Stores. Moreover, the app is being enjoyed worldwide. They have effective project management in the workflow. Their team has been dedicated and helpful.

Ryizan Nizar

Founder, DiabetesConnect



Learn more about our processes from our clients.



I would like to thank Krunal and Sagar from Groovy Web LLP. The company developed for us a very innovative app. It was quite difficult and complex project but they did it very well. We are satisfied with the work and in the future we will love to continue to work with them. Thank you and I hope you have all the satisfaction that you deserve.

Dr Amedeo Mangili

Group Chief Executive Officer



Learn more about our processes from our clients.



While there were some initial challenges, it was smooth sailing once Groovy Web LLP established the appropriate workflow. They impressed us with their technical skill and were committed to delivering by going the extra mile to help us and they always advised us whenever the project deviated.

Sanjay Sansanwal

Co-Founder, Fleek App

Client Client Client

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes, we at Groovy Web ensure all telemedicine solutions are HIPAA compliant. We will provide all necessary security measures are in place for any custom telemedicine solution.

Groovy Web provides competitive and most affordable pricing for telemedicine app development across the industry. But it is said that cost varies depending upon the requirements & complexity of telemedicine solutions. Contact us to get your free quote.

Telemedicine solutions don't have a fixed timeline. The development times can vary depending on the type, features, complexity, and type of telemedicine app. But Groovy Web makes sure to provide telemedicine solutions at a given time.

Groovy Web follows an agile development process; first, we create scope & requirements by outlining them in a document. Our project manager provides the MVP features list, and after that, we develop prototypes & then move towards design and development. Finally, we'll give you a product demo and launch it on the App Store.

We guarantee seamless integration of our telemedicine app with all internal software systems of your organization. It works flawlessly with a system like Laboratory system information, EHR/EMR, HIS ( Hospital Information System), etc.


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