The client was looking for a team to develop the FilesDNA on high standards and using best practices. It took a couple of months for the client to choose the right partner for his dream project.




445 Days




FilesDNA was not a simple project, it has a lot of custom integrations and security features to implement. It was a challenge for TeamGroovy to learn many new things while working on the project.

Core Features

Enhancing App Experience

Document Management

Document Management

Document management used to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper based information captured through the use of a document scanner or uploaded by the user.



Users can upload the pdf or can convert any document to pdf & then it can be sent for the electronic signature again it will keep the record of who has signed the document.

Secure Document Sharing

Secure Document Sharing

Share your document with your colleagues and friends in a secure and easy way. The only person which you have selected for the access can see that document & moreover you can give the permission for viewing/ editing/ ask for signature.

Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition

With the help of OCR you can scan the paper documents or other documents and convert them into documents. Also while scanning you can translate the words into the other languages and convert to PDF.

Other Features

PDF Digital Signature

It's the same as an electronic signature but here it will convert to the digital signature which is a secure digital Signature to your PDF files, with a highly secure and reliable solution.

E-Archive System

Archive your documents with multiple features to ease your search and archiving techniques, like tags, date,name, folder name & so-on

QR & Barcode

Add dynamically QR and Barcode to your PDF file, scan and view your document online, with a barcode you can search the document. QR access will expire with a certain time which is defined by the user.

PDF Security

Place QR-Code dynamically with encryption. PDF encryption key front end and back-end & Disk encryption level

Document Integrity

Create Electronic signatures for each user automatically. Digital Seal and time stamp and Geo-location.


Send your documents for approval and signature, keep track of all activities.

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