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Groovy Web LLP is building a mobile app for a healthcare company. They are tasked with developing a complex healthcare app and upgrading the app with additional features.




629 Days




Working on healthcare niche is not easy as you have to understand medical formulas before writing the code. We took the challenge and have created a seamless app successfully. The end client is delighted with the features added to the app, which is available on App Stores. Moreover, the app is being enjoyed worldwide.

Core Features

Enhancing App Experience

Color-coded Dashboard for Diabetes analysis

With this one screen, you can see an overview of your Diabetes control with color-coded tiles that change color to indicate which aspects need urgent action/above target/at target. The tiles will also notify when a certain test is overdue. Now you are in complete control.

Blood Pressure

It’s easy to track your blood pressure with My DiabetesConnect, know when it is too high and you can see trends over months/years.

Kidney Function

Track your Kidney Function(Blood) easily over years. What's more the App will also Auto calculate your eGFR when you enter the Creatinine.


Track your cholesterol over months/years. It’s all about trends. And you can easily and instantly share these with your Doctor.

Other Features

Blood Glucose

While the main aim of Diabetes care is blood glucose control, it is only one aspect of diabetes management. We want to bring all your diabetes care to one place and let you access it anytime and anywhere. Now My DiabetesConnect offers meal specific blood glucose targets. The tile will change colour according to each meal you have selected.

BMI - Body Mass Index

We have now introduced BMI and Ideal Body Weights specific to different ethnicities rather than using a generalised target. App will calculate your target weights based on your target BMI. So now you can easily track your weight and aim to achieve your ideal body weights.


I know sometimes the HbA1c doesn’t make much sense if you are not very familiar with it. What if we can show it to you in blood glucose units which is something you are much more familiar with? Well, we have just added an amazing new feature which converts your HbA1c to estimated Average Blood glucose so you can easily relate to your most recent HbA1c.

Eye and Feet Check

Now you can keep track of your Eye and Feet Check ups too. And what's more the App will remind you when it's due to be tested again.

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Technology Stack

Process We Followed to Bring this Project Live


We shape brands through exploration, applying in-depth research to challenge assumptions at every turn.


Our design approach is to simplify. We embrace the joy in creating something unique that is easy for end users.


Using modern technologies, we build with efficiency and skill, creating flexible and scalable business-driven solutions.


We take an iterative approach to both our work and our practice, always looking for ways to improve what we do.

Client Testimonials
Good things our clients say about us

Groovy Web LLP has created a seamless app successfully and they delivered outstanding products at outstanding prices without compromises in quality. We are delighted with the features added to the app, which is available on App Stores. Moreover, the app is being enjoyed worldwide. They have effective project management in the workflow. Their team has been dedicated and helpful.

Ryizan Nizar

Founder, DiabetesConnect
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