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Managing data from multiple institutions traditionally affects the efficiency and the overall management, and to overcome the challenges, provide better care, and effectively manage resources, digitization of the entire workflow and centralized data management of the facilities are important. Ergo, Inspired Behavioral Health, Inc., introduces an ecosystem, a one-stop solution with advanced features and functionalities for members of the facility to effectively perform their duties and for the administration to monitor, manage, and control.




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Efficiency is reduced and multiple resources are wasted for record storage and management, backups, accessibility, patient data analysis, managing and validating room condition logs, log of beverages, cigarrettes, night shift assignment, duties, entertainment schedule, documents, resident activities, laundry, meals and for other tasks that can be easily managed by introducing a digital and centralized system. This system can also overcome challenges related to HR activities, transport and safety Measures, kitchen, meals, schedule, and stock Management

Core Features

Enhancing App Experience

Admin Dashboard

360 Degree view for Admins and users with specific rights to analyze overall facility performance like residents admission, discharge, upcoming events, news feed (notice board), duties, meals calendar, and other activities and manage resources accordingly.

Resident Panel

Access to activities like details of residents on gender basis & building number, Tech duties assigned to check for daily use items, Pharmacies tied ups, Job title and roles posted, Shifts assigned to employees, etc., easily managed by an institution from one HMS system.

Facility Management

This feature displays information like Campuses locations, Building knowledge, No.of male & female in a room, Beds assigned to individuals, Employee management based on roles and responsibilities assigned, etc. get managed from one HMS solution

Technician Panel

Gets an overview of validating room condition logs, logs of beverages, cigarettes, night shift assignment, duties, entertainment schedule, documents, resident activities, laundry, meals, etc. managing activities like this becomes very easy for the admins and users.

Other Features

Asset management

This module log each and every activity of a particular asset right from the date of issue till the date of return. Shows every details of asset on basis of time, cost, image, etc. for the particular given time.

Safety and transportation

This module's feature helps keep track of check-in & outs of vehicles, transportation schedule, inspection results, maintenance, etc. Assists in maintaining Kitchen, Meals, Schedule, and Stock Management, saving a lot of time and resources for the institution.

Knowledge Base

New employees manage tasks assigned to them, refer the duties given, learn new things from pdfs, gets an overall view in one touch.

Billing Management

Automatically generates invoices, Checks of due claims and constantly updates the patients' current outstanding balances.

Medication Management

Tracks data, medicines information, and prescriptions and helps to create better communication between pharmacists and manufacturers. Also, eliminate chances of error in the process.

Data Access

Access data regarding patients' history and problems they are dealing with. The counselors get proper insights.

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