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This was the second project of the client with Groovy Web. The client was looking for a complex SaaS Booking system with a mobile application. We worked very closely with the client to get high-quality end results.




742 Days




Building the complex SaaS System just based on the Firebase backend was a challenge in this project. The project has 3 user roles with a matrix of permissions which wasn't easy to implement with the Firebase Functions. Groovy took the challenge and delivered a high-quality product.

Core Features

Enhancing App Experience

Scan Business

Scan Business

For booking any services you need to first scan the business or enter the business code it will simply take you to the business & you can make the bookings

Upcoming Appointments

Upcoming Appointments

You will receive the notifications for the upcoming booking & you will receive your last notification before 2 hour when service gets started.

Import and Export

Import and Export

You can keep the backup of you scanned business or incase you want to share the business with other you can simply import and export files within a minute

Professional Profile Building

Professional Profile Building

This holds the basic information about the professional like First and last name, Job title, Email, Other name, upload profile photo and can select the his or her services.

Other Features


You can simply sign up by using your phone number & enter OTP except that no other special kind of verification is needed.


It’s working simply write down your register phone number & enter the OTP

Reschedule Booking

User can reschedule the time slot again it will ask the above steps you just need to reschedule the service/branch/professional/ date time slot/ address/ user message.

Cancel Appointment

You can cancel the appointment by simply clicking on cancel booking button. Note: You can cancel the booking upto limited time only after that you will get blocked for a month if you cancel the booking multiple times.

Accept Booking

This feature allows the professional to accept the user booking

Reject Booking

This Feature allows professionals to reject the booking.

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Client Testimonials
Good things our clients say about us

It's been a long time that we worked together on daily basis to get a complex and big SAAS project completed together! Groovy is an awesome team that delivers what they commits. I have worked very closely with the team and They have delivered outstanding project.It's too hard to find a company that successfully delivers a quality product, but I am glad that I found a company that continuously delivers what they commits. I appreciate their level of understanding, communication and responsibility.

Nathan Lau

Founder, ePhoneBooking
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