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node js vs python which backend technology better to utilize

Quick Summary : When it comes to backend development, Node.js and Python offer distinctive advantages. Node.js excels in real-time applications and scalability, while Python boasts versatility with its vast library ecosystem. Understanding your project requirements and considering performance, community support, and development expertise will aid in selecting the ideal backend technology.

The majority of the developers use backend technology for their web assignments based on the knowledge they have, and they are familiar with the tech. While this is easy, it is frequently not the best way for organizations to achieve their goals.

Furthermore, selecting the right backend technology for the web development project is very important for every developer. It determines the project’s performance, resource consumption, deployment simplicity, scalability, and, in some instances, its success.

Python vs Node JS are extensively used server-side technologies, even though both are introduced in different time frames with different usabilities.

Python was first introduced in 1991 and is still used today. This programming language was designed to create mobile and online applications on the server-side.

In contrast, Node JS came in 2009 as a JavaScript runtime platform that revolutionized JS on the server. If you are the CTO or owner of the app, you may find it difficult to choose between Node JS vs Python.

To make the best possible decision, find out and analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and use them to your advantage when running a web app development company!

What is Node JS?

Node JS is an open-source, cross-platform, server-side JavaScript runtime environment (Framework) that runs JavaScript code outside a web browser. These works on Chrome’s V8 JS platform, and Ryan Dahl built it in 2009. The tool enables developers to create command-line tools and network applications to generate dynamic content for web pages before sending them to users’ browsers.

It enables programmers to design real-time web applications that run on distributed systems such as the Internet (Linux, Microsoft Windows, Os x). JavaScript is used to create its applications. Nodejs programming language also comes with a handy JavaScript-rich library, which makes web-based development a breeze.

Pros of Node JS

A strong technological foundation

It helps developers to create the project using the MEAN stack Technology that consists of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular, and Node JS, which cater to all your requirements.

Event-driven model

Node JS is 2-3 times quicker than Java, PHP, and Go, according to Toptal’s examination of server tool speed and efficiency. No matter what the user does, Node JS machine learning executes an algorithm based on event-based programming.

Microservices require flexibility to develop

Programmers can update multiple modules simultaneously via a package manager that offers free modules that can use to create microservices.

Diverse Ecosystem

The Node JS package manager offers a selection of open-source JS plugins with a rich ecosystem.

Cons of Node JS

Problems with performance

Node JS is a programming language based on JavaScript that performs tasks with minimal CPU usage. CPU-bound jobs emerge more frequently when you utilize Node JS for the backend runtime environment.

Quality control

Because Node JS is open-source, its updates aren’t subjected to rigorous quality control, favoring quantity over quality.

Callback problem

In Node JS, tasks are tracked using callbacks. As the project grows and more processes are active, the number of callbacks also increases. Callbacks can cause developers to become lost and miss critical defects.

What is Python?

It is a totally object-oriented programming language that involves high complexity levels. The software has many libraries, APIs, and extra features due to its existence for more than 30 years. Python is flexible to a wide range of programming models and is widely used within big corporations.

It has a vast developers community, libraries, and platforms for supporting it. As a result, it is used by almost every enterprise that builds applications for a variety of purposes, often with diverse usage.

Advantage of Python

Even though Python is not primarily designed for web programming, it does provide some advantages.


The Python syntax is quite conversational, which makes it easy to understand code files. Simple chores take 10-30 minutes to master.

Machine learning and AI development opportunities

The Python language comes with a number of AI libraries pre-installed (Tensorflow, Pylearn2, and Scikit-learn for data analysis).

Multiple hosting

Many hosting services accept Python natively and enable the integration of APIs and other plugins. AWS, TMDHosting, A2 Hosting, Heroku, and various different options are also available.

Disadvantages of Python Language

The universality of Python makes it less efficient for web development.

Work at low speeds

The comparison of JavaScript vs. Python performance shows that it is much slower on the server-side operations. The language contains multiple concepts at different levels to make it easier to understand.

The issue with mobile development

It’s not a native language for either Android or iOS ecosystem, and it’s not recommended for cross-platform development. You can use frameworks and platforms to adapt the language to mobile development, but performance will be poor.

Difference between Node JS vs Python

Node JS Python
● Node JS is the best option for asynchronous programming. ● Python is not the greatest option for asynchronous programming
● Node JS is based on JavaScript, and its fundamentals are easy to grasp for developers. ● The most significant benefit of Python is that it requires a smaller amount of coding for the programmers.
● In Node JS, there are no clear standards for coding. Consequently, it cannot be used for large web projects. ● It’s perfect for a large project because it can perform anything PHP code can.
● Node JS is an excellent framework for dealing with real-time web applications that is currently accessible. ● It’s not the best platform for dealing with real-time web apps.
● It’s excellent for small projects to offer functionality that doesn’t require a lot of scripting. ● It is ideal for developing large, multi-module applications
● Memory-intensive activities are best suited to this product. ● Python does not handle memory-intensive tasks well
● If you’re primarily interested in developing online applications and websites, Node JS is a superior option. ● Python is an ideal tool for a variety of  tasks, notably web apps development, working with backend databases, statistical analysis, AI development etc.
● Node JS uses the JavaScript interpreter. ● The interpreter for Python is CPython
● Node JS support callbacks. Its programming is built on event/callback, which allows it to analyze data more quickly. ● It works with generators, which makes things a lot easier.

Use cases of Node JS vs Python

The top five use cases for Node JS

  • Node JS is used to create single-page web applications like Netflix and Trello.
  • LinkedIn uses Node JS because of its performance and scalability.
  • PayPal prefers Node JS because it allows for speedier development, faster average response times, and fewer lines of code.
  • Uber uses Node JS to create its matching systems because it allows for speedier deployment and efficient processing of large amounts of data, which meets Uber’s business needs.
  • Regarding I/O-bound activities, eBay uses Node JS to provide speed, streamlined development, and automation.

The top five Python applications

  • Instagram develops its backend and scales its service infrastructure with Python.
  • Google uses Python because of its simplicity, speed, and ease of deployment.
  • Spotify uses Python to analyze data, establish backend services, and accelerate development.
  • Quora uses Python because of its readability, ease of creating code, and plenty of frameworks such as Pylons and Django.
  • Python is used by Industrial Light and Magic (ILM) because it allows for easy interchange with C++ and C, and it helps in the development of efficient production pipelines and the extension of current programmes.
node js vs python

When is Node JS the most appropriate option for you?

The Node JS framework runs on Chrome’s JS runtime; it allows programmers to create large-scale network applications. The device features a non-blocking input/output mechanism, which makes it an excellent choice for real-time applications that require large amounts of data. When comparing Node JS vs Python, It surpasses Python based on performance and speed. The platform is ideal for creating messaging and talking applications, and high-volume applications and ecommerce sites relying on speed can also use it.

In what situations would Python be more successful?

The Python programming language comes with a wide range of open-source analysis tools, frameworks for web development, and testing tools. Therefore, it has one of the most flexible and skilled communities of developers. The Python community provides an abundance of resources, making it very accessible for beginning coders. It is also taught at universities as a full-time course and used to program devices like the Raspberry Pi. Python is superior to Node JS in terms of quality, security, and user-friendliness. Scientists use it in developing scientific applications, significant data initiatives, and government-related projects.


The decision between Node JS vs Python might be difficult, particularly when working on an actual product rather than a side project. However, every language has its advantages and drawbacks.When selecting a technology for the development process, the purpose or goal of the project and the programmer’s knowledge are two important factors to consider.You will be able to connect with over one million professional and skilled developers equipped with excellent technical and communication skills available to work on your project.

In order to decide whether Node JS vs Python would be the best option for your web development project, you should first determine the technology you will be using and the product’s core functionality. You should create a list of all the features you plan to implement with your product.

A person can hire the top Node.js development company like Groovy web from the market, which helps you to achieve your goals. Choosing a language or environment that will be more useful in the long run is advised.


Written by: Rahul Motwani

Rahul Motwani is an experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. He started his career as a Backend developer and currently has his hands-on managing projects at Groovy Web. He is a strong program and project management professional with a Bachelor's degree focused on Computer Application.

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Node.js often has an advantage in terms of raw performance because of its event-driven, non-blocking architecture. However, a number of factors, including the particular use case, application design, and optimisation efforts, have an impact on performance. Depending on how they are used, both Node.js and Python may give exceptional performance.

Both Node.js and Python have thriving communities with a wealth of information and assistance. In the JavaScript ecosystem, Node.js is a major player, while Python gains from JavaScript's widespread use and popularity. For both technologies, you can find thorough documentation, libraries, frameworks, and vibrant development communities.

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