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Quick Summary : In this article, you will learn about MEAN vs MERN vs MEVN Stacks, mean, mern, mevn full form etc., so just read on to explore more.

In the modern world, we are staying in an era where technology changes rapidly every second. In the last decade, we have observed the arrival of cloud computing, IoT, social media, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Now, the world has been completely changed by these technologies.

We have all the revolutionary things like smartwatches, mobile applications, wireless headphones, fitness trackers, AI-enabled gadgets, electric cars, etc. Websites and apps have become trendy nowadays, taking the world by storm. Almost every person knows the importance of dedicated applications and websites for their own need or related to business purposes. These two things operate with the support of the internet, and both are beneficial to attract clients, ensuring great marketing, and making lucrative revenues.

Technology and its improved utilization are the significant elements of success for any web or mobile application. Therefore, many organizations resort to outsourcing the development of their website or mobile application design.

It may be a good decision when the key owners don’t know the development properly. The utilization of stack for mobile and web application design has become trendy. Selecting the correct technology stack for your software-related product is crucial for your company’s success and productivity.

We will discuss some elements of the most utilized stack and their advantages and disadvantages in this article, which will support you in choosing the best stack according to your need for software development when you hire a development organization. In this article, you will learn about MEAN vs. MERN vs. MEVN Stacks, mean, mern, mevn complete form, etc., so just read on to explore more.

What is Stack?

If we talk technically, a stack is a set of tools, languages, databases, Operating systems, scripting languages, APIs, web servers, frameworks, etc., that are utilized to develop the complete software solution. In other words, we can say that the stack is a bunch of software programs or technologies that work with each other to accomplish a common target, like software development. It contains closely related software apps that can simplify the workflow and ultimately supports the accomplishment of specific jobs.

So here are some most popular stacks which are utilized broadly for software development given below:

Stack Technologies Front-end Framework Server-Side Rendering Learning Curve Ecosystem Development Speed Flexibility Community and Support
MERN MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js React Optional Gentle Large Moderate Moderate Large and Active
MENA MongoDB, Express.js, Next.js, Angular Angular Built-in (Next.js) Complex Smaller Faster (with Next.js) Moderate Substantial
MEVN MongoDB, Express.js, Vue.js, Node.js Vue.js Optional Gentle Large Moderate Flexible Large and Active


What is the MERN stack?

This tack is generally a modified version of the MEAN stack, which utilizes React.js in the place of Angular.js. It also includes a JavaScript stack that can be used for efficient and fast development of software tools.

MERN stack utilizes the JSX, an updated version of JavaScript that allows unified component work that developers like the most. It uses React to make the front-end web apps, counted in trendy Libraries utilized to make high-end apps with cooperative User Interfaces.

Components contained by the MERN Stack

  • Express.js is a free, open-source back-end web app framework that operates on a Node.js server.
  • MongoDB – It is a flexible as well as expandable cross-platform NoSQL database.
  • Node.js – It is a cross-platform and open-source JavaScript runtime atmosphere.
  • ReactJS – It is the open-source front-end JavaScript library utilized in designing interfaces based on UI elements.

MERN Stack Characteristics

  • The complete stacking procedure can happen totally on Java as well as JSON.
  • It offers real-time testing with the support of built-in tools and flexible UI rendering.
  • It is the unique coding script that covers both back-end and front-end
  • It contains a robust Graphical User Interface, command-line tools, and Dynamic schema, making development faster.
  • It includes MongoDB, which can run over different servers

Benefits of MERN Stack

Benefits of MERN Stack
  • It utilizes JavaScript as its initial programming language, just like the MEAN stack, which can operate at any level of the app development process. It makes it more effective and supports developers to follow the latest web development method.
  • MERN supports the model view controller (MVC) structure, which helps smooth the development procedure while utilizing different programming languages.
  • It also uses the Node.js runtime environment, which is faster and more effective because of its asynchronous nature. It gives a brilliant performance if we compare it with other languages.
  • The global developer community supports huge to the MERN stack because it is a simple and open-source platform.
  • It also contains React, the best tool for front-end development, because it offers a supreme experience to the end user. Some trendiest websites, like Dropbox, Facebook, and Airbnb, utilize React to make great user interfaces.

Disadvantages of MERN Stack

  • So many developers face difficulties due to its imperfect core functionality since it is not a full-fledged framework. Therefore, developers have to be depended on third-party services.
  • It does not support direct calls, which is essential to cooperate with the Back-end Servers.
  • It is not suggested for the development of large-scale web apps.

What is a MEAN stack?

It is the technology stack that is open-source and based on JavaScript. It is perfect for making dynamic web apps and websites – both reactive and advanced. It includes different elements that make app development easier and accelerate the procedure. The reusable coding, support of end-to-end Java, and the utilization of a single language during the stack make MERN one of the best technology stacks.

Components of MEAN stack

  •    Angular: It is the front-end application type framework.
  •    ExpressJS: It is a server-side app framework.
  •    MongoDB: It is a database manager.
  •    Node.js: It is a kind of Cross-platform framework.

MEAN Stack Characteristics

  • It offers the advantages of having plug-ins and widgets
  • It utilizes JavaScript to overcome needless bandwidth usage
  • With the support of this stack, developers can design all types of applications
  • It allows developers to run on both the server and browser-end.

Benefits of MEAN Stack

  • It is independent of any precise operating system, one o the significant benefits of MEAN stack development. It supports MVC structure, which offers developers liberty while working with different programming languages.
  • It is also considered a seamless stack for the apps hosted on the cloud. It allows the developer to design and test the apps in the cloud without any trouble and provides supreme flexibility.
  • All the MEAN stacks are free and available and a kind of open-source platform with great support from an enthusiastic organization.
  • This stack also contains its web server, which makes its formation a straightforward task.
  • Its MongoDB database is quicker and more flexible than SQL and can be scaled promptly when the demand increases. It is also well-suited to the cloud and offers advantages like automatic replication. It is a cost-effective and budget-friendly stack for businesses.

Disadvantages of MEAN Stack

  • Maintaining the app with this stack issue is difficult because it includes a new bunch of libraries and frameworks. Frequent updates are essential for this, making the work irritating for developers.
  • Its app sustainability may be a significant problem.
  • MongoDB Development is trendy, but we can lose important information data in any heavy load condition.

What is a MEVN stack?

This stack utilizes Vue.js as a front-end development framework, which is very famous among developers because it provides rapid development and efficiency compared to React.js and Angular.js. Vue.js also provides some functions that can be more prolonged using third-party services.

In other words, it can be said that Vue.js offers the best attributes of both React.js vs Angular.js which offers amazing performance with a super-rich bunch of tools. It utilizes Express.js to organize all the server-end-related work. It also includes the following elements which can enhance the functionality of your website or application radically.

Components of MEVN Stack

  • It contains Node.js (Cross-platform JavaScript framework)
  • It also includes MongoDB (Database Manager)
  • Vue.js is also included in it, which is a front-end development framework
  • It consists of ExpressJS (a Server-side application framework to help the operations of Node.js)

Advantages of MEVN Stack

  • MEVN provides multiple advantages like platform independency, MVC, and the single language- JavaScript- during the complete application. It gives the best understanding of the customer and server sides due to using JavaScript as a sign language for software development.

Disadvantages of MEVN Stack

  • Vue.js is one of the latest languages, and the developers’ co-developer’s port is a little bit poor towards this stack, and many programmers do not enjoy working on this language.
  • Its flexibility may be the primary issue in big projects where many developers are included.
  • It utilized MongoDB, which is inappropriate for apps requiring Multi-Object Transactions, and this stack only supports ACID transactions.

Mean stack vs. Mern stack vs. Mevn stack: Who’s the best?

All the frameworks and stacks contain essential attributes, making them unique. Selecting the excellent stack for your software project and software development procedure determines which kind of stack you utilize. You can use the MEAN stack if your developers choose Angular over React. Otherwise, there is no critical partiality other than the requirement and comfort. Renowned companies like NASA, HBO, Nike, and YouTube utilize MEAN stack development for their precise web solutions.

MERN stack supports making User interface rendering simple with its React.js library. It utilizes the solo language for both server-end scripting and customer. Thus there is no requirement for context switching, which is a primary liberation for the developers. Too many big giant companies like Flipkart, Netflix, and Uber utilize the MERN stack, and their web solutions are entirely based on React.js.

If you want to develop an app with MVC ability and the best server-side functionality, then MEVN may be the correct choice. It offers powerful features of MERN and means that support us in designing best-performance and lightweight applications like social networking, ecommerce, and gaming platforms.

You can get the expert assistance of Groovy Web if you are looking for the best mern full stack developer; it is the  best mean stack development services company that can serve you with all you want.


Written by: Sagar Patel

Sagar Patel is the CTO and Co-founder of Groovy Web. He was involved in the telecommunications & Automation industry during his early career. Still, due to his attitude toward learning anything new and mastering it, he now works as a CTO for Groovy Web. Through their business mindset and logical approach, they have taken their company to the next level; His responsibilities now include all aspects of the business. Among them are finance, process design, and development.

Frequently Asked Questions

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MEAN stack is more better becuase it must maintain a complete architecture.It provides a well-organized framework that is compatible with MVC design. Even while MERN supports MVC design, only MEAN makes developing and upgrading easy.

MEVN may be the right choice if you want to create an app with MVC capabilities and the best server-side functionality.

MERN is a term that stands for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node. MEAN as introduce as MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, Node.JS (web application framework) and the MEVN demonstrate as, MongoDB, Express.JS, VueJS, Node.JS.

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